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Contact Barahona Hardwood Flooring for your flooring needs. Wood floor refinishing, hardwood installation, and hardwood repair for Stafford County, Fredericksburg, Prince William County, Spotsylvania County, and surrounding areas. Get a free quote for hardwood flooring estimates from the top installers and refinishers in the area. Check out some of the details below to better understand the refinishing process. Get an estimate today.

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Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring

  1. Plank Sizes: Ranges for hardwood flooring board sizes can range from as thin as 2-1/4 inches to 6 inches wide. Choosing hardwood board size for your flooring is really a matter of visual and cost preference. Larger boards can typically cost more per square foot. There is also an option for random or variable width flooring, which combines different sizes of hardwood planks and can create a very unique look.
  2. Wood Species: There are a variety of hardwood species to choose from when selecting hardwood flooring. Each has it's own visual qualities, grain patterns, and durability. Oak, cherry, and maple hardwood flooring are very commonly used for hardwood flooring because of their hardness. There are also more exotic looking, but softer hardwoods, such as mahogany and brazilian cherry.
  3. Stain Colors: Hardwood flooring stain colors range from nearly white to black. When choosing a stain color, it is best to view samples and compare them with your major architectual features. We can connect you to flooring specialists in Stafford VA that can provide several of these for viewing during an estimate
  4. Optional Textures: There are many options for textures that can create a specialized feel to your room. Most hardwood flooring is installed with a texture that provides a new and shiny look. Distressed or hand-scraped flooring is a special type of texture that offers a timeworn characer and appearance to your home.
  5. Hardness: Homes with young children and large dogs are best suited for wood flooring that offers maximum hardness. Red oak is an example of a very durable hardwood species. This type of hardwood flooring can withstand the wear and tear of most families. Pine hardwood and some other exotic hardwoods offer much less resistance to gouges and scratches. Also keep in mind that hardwood flooring can always be refinished or repaired after it is installed.
  6. Finishing: There are two main types of hardwood finishing, prefinished and non-prefinished. Prefinished flooring comes from the factory with stain and finishing already applied. This type of hardwood flooring elimates any mess from finishing, but typically has a shorter life when it comes to the number of refinishes possible. Floors finished on site at your business or home typically offer more options for stains, sinishes, and textures. They are also much easier to color match when repairs are needed. See the videos below for more info on prefinished vs finished hardwood floors or get in contact with the flooring experts.